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Discover DC

7th Graders - Discover DC 2017 September 26-29, 2017

Our trip is FULL!  What a great experience we are going to have in Philadelphia and D.C..

Wreath Laying Essay Contest
Due Date:  Friday, September 8, 2017

Registration ends April 15.  The trip is currently full.  All students who attempt to register past April 1 will be put on a wait list in case of cancelations.  Adult travel spots are full.
Online Registration - Trip ID 140614
More info. about financial options are at the bottom of this page.

Full Refund Program
It is highly recommended (even by our School Committee) that you participate in the Full Refund Program.  If you need to cancel your child's registration for any reason (illness, moving out of district, retention, etc.), WorldStrides will refund all money paid to WorldStrides (less no-refundable deposit, fees, and Full Refund Program cost).  This program also includes special Job Loss Protection.  You must check Yes or No at the bottom of the sign up form or online.   

Once you register for the trip in late September/October, friend us on Facebook...EWGDiscoverDC.  We will make most announcements through Facebook.  If you don't use Facebook, please email Mr. Wallace and he will add you to an email list.

How and when will my fundraiser money be applied?
Once you register, your fundraiser money will be applied directly to your child's account.  This transfer will take place once per month from October to December and then as needed for any later registrations.

Financial Assistance
WorldStrides offers financial assistance.  Please read about the FLAG Foundation assistance program in your registration packet or online as you register. 

Payment Plan Options/Fundraising Explained
Installment Plan:  
     If you select the installment plan, fundraising money is applied to your account as it is sent in and goes towards the current monthly payment due.  So if you have a payment of $100 due and $40 of fundraiser money is sent to Worldstrides, then the parent payment for that month is $60.

     Fundraising money is applied to the final payment and then works backwards.